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You demand excellence. We write excellent demands.

Originated in 2004, Your Best Paralegal is a service created by a strong demand amongst solo practitioners for reliable and competent help on an as-needed basis.

Being involved in law firms for many years, we saw the need for outsourcing as a cost and time savings answer for solo practitioners and larger law firms. Whether it be the savings for the solo in not investing in a full time paralegal or the need for large firms to get the demands out the door; our services create both time and money for the busy lawyer.

With our energy and experience, we thrive on working hard and meeting even the last of those last minute deadlines. We offer reasonable rates, the utmost in confidentiality and a great attitude.

We can juggle many balls while balancing on one foot with our eyes closed while still maintaining a sense of humor.

Give us a call. Drop us a line. We'd love to help!