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Call Us Now: (206) 992-7093

Call Us Now: (206) 992-7093

You demand excellence.

We write excellent demands.

Originated in 2004

Your Best Paralegal is a service created by a strong demand amongst solo practitioners for reliable and competent help on an as-needed basis.

Being involved in law firms for many years, we saw the need for outsourcing as a cost and time savings answer for solo practitioners and larger law firms.

Whether it be the savings for the solo in not investing in a full-time paralegal or the need for large firms to get the demands out the door; our services create both time and money for the busy lawyer. With our energy and experience, we thrive on working hard and meeting even the last of those last-minute deadlines. We offer reasonable rates, the utmost in confidentiality, and a great attitude.

We can juggle many balls while balancing on one foot with our eyes closed while still maintaining a sense of humor. Give us a call. Drop us a line. We'd love to help!

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Demand Letters

Medical Chronologies

Case Management

Medical Records Review

Obtaining Medical Records and Billing

Notary Service